Give Winter A Good Kick

This Saturday, March 2 a short film with a big heart will have its World Premiere at the White Water Gallery in North Bay, ON.  A completely independent production, Ghost Beaver Kick follows the story of one woodsman, his robotic friend, and a special beaver, as they must stop an evil organisation from destroying the world (think Power Rangers meets 70’s Kung Fu movies, with a dash of Red Green).

Join Ghost Beaver Kick, Sigma, and Mr. Maples as they face off against ninjas, raiders, lizardmen, and enthusiastic snowmobilers in their attempt to get from Northern Ontario to Southern Ontario, where they face off against the nefarious Moonitsu and its leader The Business.  GBK has kicks, explosions, beavers, bad accents, and an awesome soundtrack featuring The Angry Pants, David Dino White, and The Surf Zombies! Doors open at 6:30, with two showings at 7pm and 9pm. Entry is a cash donation of your choice. It is sponsored by New Ontario Brewing Co. so you can enjoy a good brew while viewing some good cinema.  Check out a trailer for the Premiere here

A story of bravery, courage, heart, and the flammability of corduroy pants; with more Canadiana than a jug of maple syrup.

See you there nerdlings

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